Best Guinea Dining Suggestions

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The question that is asked the most by people is can guinea pigs have strawberries Next, we will suggest the 10 best guinea pig food products that we make sure are based on the above sorting method. These ingredients are carefully selected by considering product quality, consumer reviews, and the level of confidence in the seller.

1. Vitakraft Guinea Pig Vital Menu

To keep the body of the guinea pig always fit and not get sick easily, you can try this one product. This product from Vitakraft is a combination of afsun from vegetables and dried fruit with many benefits. You also don’t need to be afraid of guinea pigs lacking nutrients. Simply combine 3 tablespoons of this product with dry straw and clean water.

In this product there is vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin and D3 which are good for strong body energy. There is also linoleic acid, zinc, and biotin to maintain healthy skin and coat guinea pigs. This guinea pig meal is also comfortable because it does not contain preservatives, sweeteners, and artificial coloring.

2. Fullvit

If your pet’s digestion is often problematic, you can try this one product. This afsun type guinea pig meal contains prebiotics that can balance the digestive tract against microbial contamination. This Afsun is made of quality materials, including timothy straw, alfalfa grass, barley, carrots, and many others. This product also contains vitamin C and minerals that will help your guinea pig recover quickly when sick.

3. Western Timothy Hay

Marmot fans are certainly familiar with this one guinea pig meal. Western Timothy Hay from Oxbow is a quality dry hay that is harvested directly by the farmer. Timothy is the best type of hay to meet your guinea pig’s daily fiber needs.

You can give this meal to guinea pigs who have run out of appetite. This product has a sweet and fragrant aroma that can revive your guinea pig’s appetite. Your favorite cute animal will also be back active.

4. Crispy Guinea Pig

Are you looking for afsun with vitamin C content that can be eaten by guinea pigs of all ages? If so, this product can be an option. True to its name, Crispy Guinea Pig, this one guinea pig dish comes in dry and crunchy form. The shape of the pellet itself is also diverse.

You also don’t need to be afraid of guinea pigs facing obesity because this product is equipped with a weight control recipe. The extra content of vitamin C in it can also increase the body’s strong energy so that it is always fresh and agile. Not only that, dry food is also easy to digest.

5. Cavia

If your pet guinea pig is categorized as careful or picky when it comes to eating, you can give him this product. This feed is the right choice for those of you who are looking for guinea pig food with complete nutrition. Each pellet has fiber, protein, calcium, and various vitamins.

Not only equipped with extra vitamin C, this guinea pig afsun is also enriched with elderberry and herbs for digestive health. Give this afsun about 30-50 grams per day which is adjusted to the age and body dimensions of the guinea pig.

6. Alfalfa Hay

If your guinea pig is still a two-bodied guinea pig, fulfill its nutritional needs with Oxbow’s Alfalfa Hay. When in a two-bodied situation, guinea pigs want a large intake of protein and calcium. The contents can be obtained from alfalfa grass. Continue to give this Alfalfa Hay especially after the guinea pig gives birth and during breastfeeding.

You can also share this Alfalfa Hay with young guinea pigs to prepare for pregnancy, you know. This product has a smooth composition and is easy to digest. The aroma is also very popular with guinea pigs. Even better, this product is free of added preservatives, flavorings, and flavorings.

7. Milky Cheese Ball

Similar to people, pets such as guinea pigs also want snacks or snacks. You can give him Alice Milky Cheese Ball which is made from real milk. This snack is also rich in protein and calcium which is good for supporting the development of bones and teeth in guinea pigs.

This snack is suitable for guinea pigs in their developmental age. The sweet and delicious taste makes guinea pigs love it. Even so, don’t give him snacks too often, right! The reason is that consuming too many small meals can make guinea pigs overweight.

8. Excel Guinea Pig Nuggets with Blackcurrant & Oregano

Guinea pigs who are picky about food can be quite confusing and make them prone to nutritional deficiencies. For that, you must look for bonus foods that can meet the nutritional consumption of guinea pigs. If you have not created a suitable product, we propose this product from Burgess.

This product is guinea pig afsun with a large content of fiber and vitamin C. As the name implies, this guinea pig meal is also equipped with oregano which helps facilitate digestion. The content of vitamins and minerals in it is also good for the health of the eyes, skin, and fur of guinea pigs.

9. Sunshine

Is your pet guinea pig fed up with the hay you generally share? You can try sharing this product. Meadow hay originates from various types of grasses that are full of significant nutrients. It contains vitamins, minerals, and fiber which are good for the guinea pig’s body health.

This product also has more flavors because it contains various types of grass, flowers, and other plants. So, this product is suitable for guinea pigs who are quickly saturated with their food. You can make this product as a distraction so that your guinea pig doesn’t get tired of eating the same type of hay.

10. Flavored Puree

Unlike other guinea pig snacks that are dry meals, this one comes in a watery composition. With a large protein content and vitamin E, this product is suitable for guinea pigs in the developmental era. This product is the right choice if you are looking for a guinea pig snack that is different from the usual snacks. Those are some of the best guinea pig foods or breakfasts.

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