Get to know the calculation of the wattage of the lamp well

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Watt itself is the amount of energy used in a bulb. Continue to decrease the wattage, until less light is obtained, and vice versa, generally 1 watt creates 75 lumens in brightness. Mastering in advance the standard of lighting used in each different room is very important. It can be used in calculating the wattage of lamps used in a house to make it more efficient.

For example, the terrace generally wants 60 lux, the visitor’s room wants 120 to 150 lux. By speculating each part of the room with a desire for enlightenment it is easier to divide. The calculation of the wattage of the lamps at each end of the room itself can be tried according to the standard of illumination. Using lighting standards in the right way, makes the number of lights match and doesn’t look blurry.

The method that can be used when trying to divide can use N= E x L x W or x LLF x Cu x n. The number of points clearly needed to be obtained from the multiplication is far wide, strong enlightenment, as well as various other aspects. Carrying out enumerations using the illustration of calculating the wattage of room lights, can be directly put into practice. For example, in a dining room with a distance of 5 m and an area of ​​4 m, it is estimated that you want 20 Watts of light.

This is a standard that can be used the next time it distributes light globally. In terms of determining the type of lamp to use, it can also vary according to the wishes of consumers. There are 3 types generally widely used in the usual way by residents. Starting from TL (Fluorest Lamp), then Hologen, and LED (Light Emitting Diode) which are widely used in the usual way by residents.

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