Leaky Kidney Healing That Needs To Be Understood

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Kidneys are organs of the body with very important functions. Problems with the kidneys can result in impaired filtration of feces and feces which can lead to serious complications if treatment is not immediately attempted. One of the medical conditions that are prone to afflicting the kidneys is a leaky kidney.

Having the medical nickname of nephrotic syndrome, leaky kidneys are problems in the kidneys that cause the body to produce excessive amounts of protein in the urine. This health problem is usually caused by the small blood vessels in the kidneys that are damaged. Unfortunately, these blood vessels have a function to filter excess water and impurities from the blood.

Healing Options to Treat Leaky Kidneys

Leaky kidneys are usually treated based on what is the cause. Doctors will prescribe some medications to help reduce symptoms and prevent complications from forming. The drug options are:

1. Medication for Lowering Blood Pressure

This drug helps regulate the center of gravity of the blood in the glomerulus and lowers the protein present in the urine. The drugs are in the form of ARBs or Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers and ACE inhibitors.

2. Diuretic Drugs

Drugs among diuretics help reduce the formation of swelling in the body due to kidney leakage.

3. Drugs to Squeeze Immunity

This type of drug helps to absorb abnormal responses from the immune system while helping to reduce the formation of infections. The illustration is a class of corticosteroid drugs.

4. Take a Special Diet

In addition to medication, patients with leaky kidneys are also recommended to adhere to a fresh lifestyle and a special diet. For example, by avoiding the consumption of fatty foods, reduce the consumption of foods with a large protein content, and a salt diet.

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