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Finishing for gold investment is the right step and is recommended from the start. This instrument has a normal lead number, real validity, and also loses a little. It is very suitable to be used as long-term capital for a period of approximately 10 years. Compared to other instruments, this instrument aims to distribute the energy of reaching from various parts.

Illustration, during the end of the epidemic, the costs tend to rise so that people who donate gold metal (LM) can always survive according to their class even though the epidemic is rolling. As a long-term fund instrument, of course you have to hold back if you want to make a profit. The price of LM is trending upwards for many years to come.

Mentions in Kencana Capital Need to Know

In saving gold, you will get guidance on every detail step. The guide will use a lot of special terms that are only understood by experts or people who are directly involved in the field of gold. Interested in starting to save gold? You can do it based on some of the following terms:

1. Carat

Investment Consultant Indonesia ~ Carat is a dimension that reports the authentic content of gold. It continues to be of great value until it continues to be of great purity. The value for the highest gold content is 24 carats. While the method of measuring the golden carat can be from the X = 24 x (Milligram or Millimeter) method. Through this method, you can determine how much authenticity each gold contains. The benchmark is from the highest number, which is 24 carats from the authenticity of the gold.

2. Fineness

Fineness is the term used to determine the rust of gold bars. The illustration is that Antam as one of the producers of Indonesian gold has a content of 24 carats, this means that Antam’s manufactured gold has an authenticity that reaches 99.9% fineness.

3. Bullion

Bullion is a term in gold capital to show the content of silver, gold bullion, or coins to fund. Similar to the gold content that can be determined and measured, in this case the authenticity of silver can also be determined.

4. Grade

Grade, as the name implies, if this term is used to determine where the quality of the gold is. The next day the grade confirms where the fair price of gold is promoted. Again, the grade or grade of this product is determined by its purity.

5. Troy Ounces

Troy ounce is a term in gold capital carrying the weight or amount of gold when weighed. It should be noted that for each dimension 1 t oz is equivalent to 31.1 g of gold. This dimension is legal for gold bars and coins.

6. Pool Account

Pool account is a place for storing gold at an outlet or dealer when conducting a gold buying and selling business. Illustration, you buy directly from Antam until Antam is your pool account to buy gold.

7. Dinar or Dirham

Dinar or dirham is an Arabic term to describe the dimensions of the content of the authenticity of gold. For example, a figure of 22 carats is equal to 4.25 grams and this is what is known as the dinar dimension.

8. Bliss Crash

In gold investment you will also want to make a name for bullion. This is actually a synonym (synonym) of gold bars. It is safer to use which name because both of them will share the same meaning.


COMEX is the last term that is quite interesting because of its connection with gold trading on a global level. In addition, COMEX is a New York-based impact money market that also provides trading in silver, aluminum, and copper.


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