Type of Training for Mine Workers

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The term induction of safety may sound foreign to ordinary citizens. However, in the most important class of workers who struggle in mining factories, the induction of safety is not so strange. The reason is that safety induction is included in one of the trainings for mining workers, as their logistics knowledge in carrying out their obligations.

Before going down to the square or mining position, it really means a gift for all workers. Do not let the mining workers do not have the right skills or expertise. If this matter is not observed, then the sustainability of mining cannot run well. The worst effect is that in the end there will be loss and the safety of workers is less secure.

Safety Induction Training for Mine Workers

For its understanding, safety induction is the identification of the safety and health of activities (K3) for employees or visitors. Usually this activity is carried out by employees whose positions are equivalent to bosses or people who understand K3 with a minimum level of position such as foreman and boss up.

Training Objectives For Mine Workers

Investment Consultant Business in Indonesia ~ Training for mining workers through safety induction is not attempted without a special purpose. Some of the objectives of the training include:

  • Share a description of how important OHS is in a mining zone.
  • Provide the latest data regarding the situation in the mine which can change every day.
  • Share a description of the legal regulations and what rewards are given for violating the regulations in the mining industry.
  • Provide data regarding the method of activities found in the mining area.
  • In essence, safety induction is tried to prevent someone from accidental activities and when entering a mining area.
Who has the power to get training for workers?

Training for workers with this powerful safety induction is obtained by:

1. Recent Employees in the Mining Industry

In general, these new employees do not yet know and understand well how the situation in the mine is. Even though this employee previously had experience in the mining sector, induction when he first entered the new industry was always mandatory.

2. One Who Gets Permission

Someone who is not an employee and gets permission to enter the mining area, so he must be given an induction first.

3. Current Employee on Leave

The most recent employee completed the release of the activity. This matter is very meaningful to try because it does not rule out that the situation in the mine is still the same as it was before it was allowed to go out of business.

Profit Exploring Training for Workers

Some of the profits that can be obtained from exploring training for workers include:

1. Mastering Occupational Safety and Health

Workers can have more control over the meaning of Safety and Health Activities (K3) as long as it is located in a mining area.

2. Latest Data

Workers can get up-to-date data on the situation in the mine.

3. Mastering Potential

Workers will be more aware of the potential threats that may exist in the mining area so that they can know how to deal with them properly.

4. Avoid Accidents

Minimizing the possibility of the occurrence of an activity disaster as long as it is located in the mining area. Training for workers, one of which is safety induction, is indeed important to try so that they can master the importance of safety and health while in the professional area in the mining zone.

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